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The Dental Podcast Network's Channel Two

Dec 30, 2019

On this week’s episode of “Dental Assistant Talk with Megen Elliott”, Megen is joined by dental hygienist, author, and owner of 12 Paws Publishing Company, Katie Melko, to discuss her work in helping children tackle their ‘fearful firsts’.


Episode Highlights:


  • Katie’s professional history
  • Her 12 Paws Publishing Company
  • Katie’s series of books and accompanying ‘encouragement cards’
  • How these books are being utilized in different professions




“I actually hated writing when I was in hygiene school – hated it with a passion.”

“I love working in public health – it’s one of my biggest passions.”

“I think you do a great job in the book of explaining what children can expect when they’re seeing that school dentist.”

“Seeing the characters express their emotions in a healthy way instead of a negative way.”

“All of my books in the children’s series are about tackling children’s fearful firsts.”

“People who work in those different areas can utilize the books to help explain those things to children.”

“Just get up the courage and step out of that comfort circle and just do it.”

“Have confidence in what you’re putting out there and what you’re doing.”


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